vmware fusion 5 vs parallels 8 vs virtualbox

Reaching a decision about which one is better is nearly impossible, as they share many features, perform similarly and generally do the same things.
Creating virtual machines, both Fusion need for speed ii 1997 game and Parallels make creating new virtual machines very easy, though finding and/or buying the virtual machines youd like to create is simpler with Parallels.By running Windows on your Mac as well as Mac OS X, you get the best of both worlds the loveliness of MAC OS X, and the compatibility of Windows.Good old competition, eh!Since then, however, virtualization apps for the Mac have matured a lot.In daily use, with a couple of Windows (2000 and XP) VMs running simultaneously, I find that Fusion feels slightly more responsive than Parallels.If youre happy with what you have now, you can probably save your money for next years new releases without missing out on too much in the interim.The Parallels setup screen makes it a snap to create a virtual machine and to download the required software for Windows.1 Preview, Chrome OS and more.Creating an OS X virtual machine is easy in both Parallels and Fusion; Fusion this year gains the ability to install from the recovery partition, and Parallels has been able to since last year.On each of our Macs, we created three virtual machines for both Parallels and Fusion: Ubuntu (a Linux variant).04 LTS, Windows.1 public preview and OS.8.5.
The only exception involved a long delay in shutting down an OS X virtual machine in Fusion when we used Fusions Virtual Machine Shut Down menu.
For example, you can associate.doc file on the Mac with Word on the Windows guest OS, so that when you double-click.doc file in the Finder, it opens in Windows.
If you need to open and close virtual machines all day, these time savings could add.
This feature can be quite useful, and theres no equivalent in the current version of Fusion.
Opening and closing, in last years review, we noted that Parallels offered a significant speed advantage over Fusion when launching, sleeping/waking, and shutting down virtual machines.
Fusion does let you drag and drop files to and from the virtual machine a handy way to copy files between your real and virtual environments.The caveat here relates to Mavericks: Its release may force users to upgrade, as changes in the OS may introduce problems for previous versions of the two programs.(Note: What patch 3d max 2010 used to be called the Metro interface in Win 8 is now usually just Start or, occasionally, the Windows.).For testing purposes, I used the final Windows 8 Developer Preview (which should be identical to the consumer version due out soon).You can also drag and drop files from the Finder to a Windows app running under Unity.The good news, if you can call it that, is that this will only affect those who use one virtual machine from two different installations of Parallels Desktop.On our iMac, we hand-timed (twice, and then averaged) launching, suspending, waking and shutting down each virtual machine.The Windows interface itself was fast and fluid, Web browsing was trouble-free, and the two email apps I tried worked fine.Our iMac, which is our main work machine, powers three displays and has 16GB of RAM; the MacBook Pro has 4GB of RAM and a 750GB solid-state drive in lieu of a hard drive.With Fusion 6, however, downloading the trial game the house of dead is a simple two-click operation and you dont need an account to install or use the trial version.Photoshop CS3 performance was almost twice as fast under Fusion relative to Parallels Desktop, completing a series of tasks in 271 seconds.Virtualising OS X, virtualising OS X can be useful for any number of things, including installing software that you dont want on your real Mac and testing esoteric user settings.Overall, both do an excellent job.