ro 2 class builder

Skill descriptions will be added then as well.
Demonstration also is useful as a pre cast to break the opponents weapons before they can try breaking the emperium.You can heal the entire guild with this if the leader has just used rally.Builds All Creator builds can be generally classified into 3 major types.If they try using Meltdown, use Chemical Protection to protect your equips from breakage.If you want to draw it out for me in a way where there are minimal crossovers, send me an email with the image.Increases effectiveness of Potion Pitcher by Soul Linkers BaseLV Allows usage of Berserk Pitcher skill.
High Wizard If you have a Smokie Card, it can be an easy fight.
The stat points given here are base stats alone.
Assassin Cross If they are a Soul Breaker build, this should be easy, just spam AD during the Breaker delay time.
Credits t/ RateMyServer Such an awesome RO database, thumbs up to the site owners.
Update 11/30/09 Skill5 will be deleted once I confirm that all the backgrounds and so forth are accurate and that there are no errors.
Using Call Homunculus with an Embryo in your inventory summons a random homunculus.THE virtual arabic keyboard for windows xp alchemist: homunculus The Homunculus is a special kind of pet only available for the Alchemist/Creator class.If this is the case, you will have to rely on your homunculus a lot more.Defensive When guilds defend, they repel attacks on the castle they own for the moment.Fire Resist Potion Items: 1 Red Gemstone 2 Frill 1 Empty Potion Bottle Manual: Elemental Potion Creation Guide Two Blue gemstones can be exchanged for 1 red Gemstone from a person in Payon.Get this as soon as you can to increase the money you get from loots.Most people can do the same thing.Feather Beret Apple Of Archer fleet foxes textbook love Crown/Tiara Armor Chainmail1 is the cheapest and easiest to upgrade.