office 2010 toolkit v2.2.3 exe

KMS PID's coded in the app can be selected in Settings as a list.
Windows XP Home Edition SP3 Professional SP3 Media Center Edition 2005.Windows, vista or Later for Windows Toolkit Support.Removed Selector UI -Scheduled Tasks will be Vista on Vista OS instead.Various improvements, bugfixes, and techniques to optimize the apps and minimize AV false positives.XP will still use XP tasks.Can install AutoRearm alongside AutoKMS, allowing AutoRearm to be a failsafe.Improved Windows backup failsafe.Alpha 1 R7 -Fixed checks that disable functions, alpha 1 R6 -Fixed Scheduled task install failure.UI changed on CID/Key Prompt boxes.Alpha 1 R4 -Vista Support Detection Alpha 1 R3 -Windows Backup enhancements -Reinstall Keys Alpha 1 R2 -Windows Volume detection bugfixes -Not using.Using ReSharper for automatic code refactoring.
Enhanced error checking/messages on kmsemulator failure.
AVG AntiVirus Free Edition 2015 19:20:24 avast!
cmid change and Office Repair disabled by default in EZ-Activator.Fix tokens permissions on restore in case of bad permissions.Fix MAK Activation Count always failing -Fix Restoration of Phone Activation ending up in grace -Fixed Scheduled Tasks not running as system -KMS PID is set before start instead of editing process memory when using manual Activation -Preliminary Windows 8 Key Decoding -Removed options and.Silent switches added for MultiKMS, Backup and Restore of Office and Windows, and Windows EZ-Activator.Alpha 1 R5 -Added IR5 detection -Added MultiKMS -Added Office/Windows Product detection in Main tab -AutoKMS and AutoRearm show their version in the log -Backups are sorted by OS/Office and show up as a list.Exe is not from Office 2010, so you can use it to integrate Office 2007 Updates/Languages.Antivirus 10:03:00, kaspersky Total Security 16:12:08, kaspersky Anti-Virus 13:55:38, mcAfee Anti-Virus and Anti-Spyware 03:47:08.Beta app updates won't on ipad 8 -Added Permissions Fix during a Restore and Improved Office Rearm Check Success Rate -Added Program Update Check on Startup -Added support for UDF Office ISO's -Added Functions to directly Check and Show Keys in the DigitalProductID.Key Checker gets remaining MAK count if a MAK is checked.Channel Changing does patching via code instead of using xdelta3.exe and no longer needs to write patches to disk -Customize Setup disables channel change button if setup.