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Turistas: Complete 'Takedown' and 'The Hornet's Nest' on Veteran Difficulty.
When you go through the alley and see the building with the ladder on the wall, go up it and through the door.
Or play on AlterIWnet instead because it has dedicated servers.After clearing the small lot (has a bunch of appliances and cars instead of going right up the stairs between buildings, go left around the three-story house (floors are colored red, yellow, red and look in the little hut attached to its side to find.Act III: Whiskey Hotel.Out of the Frying Pan.: Complete the mission in the airplane graveyard.6y, i had the exact same problem when playing CoD4, but everything worked fine.Follow that ledge going left.The Pawn: Assault Makarov's safe house.
Launch msconfig by from the Run menu.
The Intel is on the desk with soda cans after you breach the room, near where your ally is working on the computer.
Scrambler Pro: Get 50 close range kills while using the Scrambler perk.
I have no idea what that means, but I'd suggest these things: Check if your system specs are good enough for the game.
C 6y *Posted by Mak3ttaja * *Posted by DeathAnxiety * *I found this after googeling, no guarantee any of these work* Modern Warfare 2 Crashing to desktop at startup/launch.ADS - Toggle autolink waypoints (links waypoints as you create them).Once you find the person you have been looking for, turn to your left to find the Intel on the desk.Honor Roll: Earn at least 1 star in each Special Op mission.Click on that line.During the snowmobile sequence, when you are approximately 1850m from the finish, stop.Waypoints created inside.From: Destructor58 Hidden sniper positions in "High Rise" map Look from the center of the map at the cranes, then to the left side of the map.Blackjack: Earn 21 stars in Special Ops.Next, dbz shin budokai another road iso kick six people out so there are only six in your party.Click the Start button Settings Control Panel.Hard to Kill: Get two kills while in Last Stand or Final Stand mode; 500 experience points.Legacy waypoints (Pezbot) have procedures that have level.Next go to the Services tab and check the "ÃÂÃÂœHide All Microsoft Services"ÃÂÃÂ checkbox and then hit the Disable All button.