game the house of dead

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On stage 2, there is a reference to the Space Shuttle Challenger disaster, as the words Challenger, go at throttle up, spoken by Richard.
The Imp : Zeal, one of the two beings who make up Team Judgment.
Canon Discontinuity : The manual for the Saturn port of hotd1 made rather blatant references to G having "metallic"-tasting blood and behaving "mechanically implying he was a robot or cyborg.Our Zombies Are Different : The series is very ambiguous as to what type of zombie it's using.Roy Curien : An acclaimed biochemist and geneticist who worked for the DBR Corporation and the main antagonist of the game.You're more over fighting his contingency plan then him.House of the Dead goes in the opposite direction : the majority of zombies in these games either are fast, wield weapons, have supernatural powers, drive cars, or are just very fat.While supported by the DBR Corporation and its own team of scientists, Curien's relentless pursuit of this goal slowly drove him insane.Final-Exam Boss : The Emperor will turn his metal orbs into some of the previously killed bosses, and you can repel them by hitting their weak spots.AMS Agent Thomas Rogan receives a distressing phone-call from his fiancée Sophie Richards.Also, you will find those (either civilians or your partner) who will need rescue throughout your mission.
Averted in III, where shooting your partner in a rescue scene does nothing.
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Also played straight with the zombies.He was responsible for The Curien Mansion Incident.I only wish to revert to them to their natural state." Ludicrous Gibs : In every game.James' response to Goldman's elaborate rant?Nothing much is still not known about him but it's implied he's responsible for Curien and Goldman's action and might even tie into Clement from Overkill as well.He wanted to protect nature.12 However, the Saturn and PC versions gained slightly less praise due to their lack of polish, getting "mixed" or "average" reviews according to the review aggregation website GameRankings.Archived from the original.