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Forthemix Radio Drummer ipsec vpn server windows 7 forthemix currently has 3 drums sample libraries.
I was pretty sure that this could be done, but probably wouldn't have taken the time to figure it out if the guy at GS hadn't mentioned actually doing.) love having it set up like this.Tchakpoum Drum kit A free 265MB drum kit.Ryan Greene Alt Drums Nine carefully recorded drum kits played by five outstanding drummers with three different microphone settings, all masterfully engineered and put together by a legendary punk rock producer.24bit WAVs, Steven Slate Trigger TCI Files and Drumagog GOG Files Ultimate Drum Samples by 6000 sounds, Sound Manager application (for easy sound selection and one-click conversion to 16-bit format).Multioutput, remapping function and velocity curve control.Invictus Audio, currently only Metal pack.By doing that all the time I started getting better at recording guitars, and I started reading about engineering and rock mythology.
Mixosaurus With 145GB of drum samples, this probably THE largest drum sample library.
Freebies: Update: DrumGizmo DrumGizmo is an open source cross-platform drum plugin and stand-alone application.
Abbey Road Drummer Series, compatible with Kontakt.
Ultimate Metal Forum free drum kits thread Blog on free drum samples Drums Sound Fonts.
Nice comfortable layout, with flexible Maschine sequencing.
It has already pre-processed the sounds with compressors and EQs.
They also have tom, cymbals and kick packs.Kind of cool and a little different but certainly nothing to fall in love with here.But I had this piano riff for this one song, and I was like, "Let's hook up that Pitch Transposer." We had its mono output into a stereo Vox Time Machine delay, and all of a sudden that became in some way the sound.It is comparable to several commercial drum plugin products.Why use the internal 'revolution' sequencer if you're using it inside Maschine anyway?Voxengo AcuDrums, professional sound sample library that captures acoustical sound of various drum and cymbal instruments.Reason Drum Kits.0 Reason Drum Kits 2 gives you masterfully multisampled, perfectly playable, totally recallable multi-output drum kits for Reasons Combinator.Jet-City by Purrrfect Audios 16GB od samples, Vdrum optimized kits included, Dedicated decay stick-position control, Auto alternate left/right hands.Several kits, including Tea Towel Drum, Brush Drum, Black Toms, V-Drum ready.SCC Drums by SignalsAudio.5GB, 4 Snares, 5 windows xp black edition full version with key Sets of Toms, 4 Kicks.The Poor Man Rock Drumkit Less than 5 MB, format SFZ, SF2, poise drum sampler.Big Bang Universal Drums Deeply Sampled Custom Made SJC Drum Kit with 2 different snare drums.There's no sound in my head that I'm trying to capture; it's the whole process that excites me, from the first demo to mixing.Works in Kontakt.