civilization 5 steam patch

Ottoman: Now receives a 67 discount on naval unit maintenance, and can upgrade Galleys to Triremes.
Mud Pyramid Mosque reduced 1 Culture.Units: Air units must be in packing list word file a city to upgrade, and no sneaky "I'm on a carrier in the city" either.O Total War now provides 15 Production when building Military Units and 15 XP for new units.Strategies for building mobile units now persist into Modern era to help AI decisions for when to build tanks and modern armor.Order o Order Opener now provides 1 Happiness per City.Tactical AI: Improvements in civilian and embarked units targeting.Combat Preview: Show Oligarchy Garrisoned Unit bonus for city ranged attacks.Kremlin global city defense mod reduced to 25 from game pc 100 kb 50 but now gives 12 defense in the city where it's built.O Commerce Finisher: 1 Gold per Specialist.Roads under captured cities no longer charge maintenance.
Exploit: Removed ability to gain additional free settlers/workers by gaming the policy system.
Civilopedia: Multiple updates to Civilopedia functionality and accuracy.
Honor o Honor Opener now additionally provides Culture for each barbarian killed.Fixed Oligarchy bug that was causing the effect to expire when loading from a save.Block City States from building carriers, atomic weapons.Download demo at (2.5GB patch.03.18 /, download for PC available via Steam.Particle Physics no longer requires Globalization (Space victory now possible without overlapping windows 7 pdf viewer Diplomatic victory).Track trades between players and allow that to positively influence relationships (the better the deal for the AI, the stronger the modifier).(1 the Sims.Mud Pyramid Mosque now requires Monument.Himeji bonus reduced to 15 from 25, and provides a free Castle in the city where it was built.Culture from City States tweaked (less early, more later).Reduced Culture from Goody Huts to 20 from.