access folders on mac from ipad

But each iCloud-compatible app also gives you direct access to its files.
Select the file in the list and click Save.
However, working with iCloud Drive can be a bit tricky at times.For more detailed installation instructions, click here.If not, choose Finder Preferences, click Sidebar, and then check iCloud Drive.Remove any special characters from your file names before you try to transfer the files.ICloud Drive on the Web, you can also access files from iCloud Drive via a web browser.I need something like that, just for regular files that are not on Dropbox.Tap the file to view it with Dropbox, tap the Send icon in the toolbar, and then tap Pages.Is there an iPad app that that can open Mac files over WiFi on the iPad?If you're using Keynote, see this Apple support document for tips to avoid iPad import problems with Keynote.
The program can display a number of all games gta vice city file types, including images, music and video files; Microsoft Office files; PDFs; iWork files; and html and text files.
Open the document and then tap the send icon.
Unfortunately, importing isnt always a smooth processnot all fonts and document elements will come through.Move files from your Mac to your iPad.To do this, for example in Pages, open Pages on your iPad and tap the folder icon in the toolbar.You can open files from iCloud Drive quickly using this sidebar item, or open files from another iCloud Drive folder by selecting iCloud Drive and navigating.There's no iCloud Drive app, but rather a document picker that displays in apps that can access iCloud Drive.Scroll down to the File Sharing section.Move files from your iPad to your Mac.When iCloud (or iTunes) backs up your device, it backs up your shared files as well.ICloud Drive lets you store a number of files so that you can access them from all of your Apple devices: your Mac, iPad, and iPhone, and even a web browser on any computer, including Windows PCs.Log into m, click iCloud Drive, and you'll see all your app folders.Within it, you'll see several subdirectories which organizes information more specifically.ICloud Drive does not work like this; it stores files in application-specific folders, and, while you can open some files with other apps, there are limits as to how you can move them around and access them.